The Future Is Now

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The only person who was aged was Kivedindja and he was not even the power picture

When the NRA/NRM came to power in 1986
Museveni was 42 years
Salim saleh was 27 years
Fred Rwegyema was 26 years
Mugisha muntu was 25 years
Elly Tumwine was 29 years
David Tinyefunza was 28 years
Kiiza Besigye was 27 years
Kasirye Ggwanga was 31 years
Serwanga Lwanga was 27 years
Jim muhwezi was 29 years
Noble mayombo was 21 years
Kahinda Otafiire was 32 years.
Etc etc……
These guys came to power during their youth, and now they are telling everyone to go slow on them and be cautious in our demands for regime change.


The time for the youths is now.

The youth are the future and the future is today.



Bobi’s life in the torture chambers

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They (SFC) wrapped me in a thick piece of cloth and bundled me into a vehicle. Those guys did to me unspeakable things in that I can’t speak. THEY PULLED MY MANHOOD AND SQUEEZED MY TESTICLES while punching me with objects I didn’t see. They pulled off my shoes and took my wallet, phone and the money I had. As soon as the shoes were off, they started hitting my ankles with pistol butts. I groaned in pain and they ordered me to stop making noise for them. They used something like pliers to pull my ears. Some guy unwrapped me and instead tied the thick cloth around my head. They forced my head below the car seat so as to stop me from shouting. Then they hit my back and continued to hit my genitals with objects. The marks on my back, ankles, elbows, legs and head are still visible. I continued to groan in pain and the last I heard was someone hit me at the back of the head with an object – I think a gun butt or something. That was the last time I knew what was going on.

By the time I became conscious again, I was somewhere in a small room with a small window. My legs were tied together with my hands with very tight cuffs. I was bleeding from the nose and ears. I was in great pain. My whole body was swollen. I was shaking uncontrollably.

Two soldiers came in. I can now recall that they were visibly pleased to see that I was still alive. They came close to me. One of them apologized in tears about what had happened. “Bobi, I am sorry but not all of us are like that. Some of us actually like you,” he said.

NOT EVEN PRESIDENT MUSEVENI. I cannot wish what happened to me upon anyone. Not even those soldiers who violated me as if they were beasts.

Bobi Wine











Trump could push Germany toward Russia and China, veteran diplomat says — Reuters: Politics

The longer Donald Trump stays in office, the higher the risk that anti-American forces will gain the upper hand in Germany and push it into the arms of Russia and China, veteran German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger said in an interview.

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UGANDA: Septrin no longer needed for some HIV patients – government — Martha Leah Nangalama

DAILY MONITOR – People living with HIV/Aids in Uganda (PLWHA) will stop taking Septrin as a complementary drug that fights opportunistic infections such as malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia, according to the new Health ministry guidelines… 435 more words

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Zimbabwean Vice President drags wife to court over domestic violence — STORMBLOG9JA

The Vice President of Zimbabwe Kembo Mohadi has approached the Civil Court in Harare seeking a protection order against his wife who he says has left him in fear for his life. Mohadi initiated divorce proceedings against his wife Tambudzani Bhugadi Mohadi. But after she got served with a copy of the divorce summons, Kembo […]

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Stripping the junta

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“Museveni believes intensely in violence as a means of governance and for holding power. He’s an accomplished liar and a total stranger to truth. His method of conducting public affairs or his political party,UPM, and now NRM/NRA, is a combination of violence and lies.” – Obote



Bobi Wine can be a better generational president than Museveni

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Two days ago, I saw a piece of writing associated to the veteran journalist, Mr. Andrew Mwenda circulating on social Media. On close look, i saw a product of a fine propagandist trying to compare *a Rising star with a setting moon*. In his writing, Mwenda makes leadership appear like carrying a bag of cement or maize which can only be afforded by person of a particular mass and his opinion Bobi Wine has less.

I wish to tell Mwenda that leadership includes the ability to identify people suited for the right job. The narrative I see Mwenda stuck in, is the Luwero bush war mentality of “…of Mzee Anapanga…” Which ultimately brought us into this one man rule we are struggling to disentangle out from.

Mwenda’s perception about leadership is very basic, presuming that a leader himself must know everything, propose everything and solve every problem, this fits well into the Museveni leadership style of patronage network which I detest and despise.

As a footballer, a captain need not to be the best dribbler and doesn’t have to able able to play all the numbers in the field. He only needs to command the respect of other players. And so is the president, he needs only to he a good team leader and good team player of which I find Bobi Wine good at. His listening skills are amazing, his ability to identify fitting people for the task is excellent and his capacity to comprehend new and complex issues befits the President Uganda badly needs in the modern age.

Hon. Kyagulanyi’s criticism of Mr. Museveni gov’t is based on Bobi’s long time commitment to the plight of the common man, his contempt to pervasive corruption, the intransigence of gov’t, the unemployment, the family rule system, the injustice, failure in healthcare system, the wrong education system, the mismanagement of politics and reward system which is not meritorious. Even if he was only able to recognize these acts of Mr. M7 as wrong, then you’re more wrong about his capability to be a better President because since you are sure he knows wrong, why do you want to doubt his ability to know and do right: *the best alternative to wrong is right* and this is part of the alternative people power and Bobi Wine represents.

Mwenda also describes People Power as an empty slogan. I wish to persuade him otherwise and if he still insists, just scan the international media spaces, watch the level of military deployments on all our streets across the country and watch the conduct of the state. In fact anyone who fails to comprehend the contents of People Power is the one carrying an empty *HEAD*.

Mwenda further terms Bobi Wine supporters as radical extremist, uncouth, anti democratic and intolerant, full of slander, blackmail and lies. But if you truly want to know the real liar, the blackmailer, full of slander, the intolerant mercenary for the anti democratic regime, read Andrew Mwenda’s writing or listen to his submissions.

You will also know that some lumpens are holders of Master’s Degrees, they put on nice suites, drive nice cars and speak good English.
How on earth can you claim a high moral ground and accuse others of demagoguery when with extremist tendencies you speak in support of a gov’t that is bold enough to frame MPs on trumped up charges torture them; (much less ordinary citizens) ,refuses them go access medical services, full of white collar thieves, treats women with brute and intransigence and uses poverty as tool against its citizens.

Mwenda also praises Mr Museveni for being skillful in winning important people to his side during the time of his struggle. That he was able to win the support of Cardinal Wamala, business people like Moses Kigongo, Sam Male, Apuuli and royals among others.But Mwenda knows better than some of us that many of these people have long spoken out in regret of ever working with him. Some died cursing him, others are still living in regrets because the alliance was based on deceptive, opportunism and lies. Even those who are still with him are not on the basis of their agreement but as an extended hand of patronage network.

People Power and Bobi Wine stand for values of our founding fathers, represents qualitative change that Uganda needs and his leadership qualities is everywhere for a sober mind to see. In his family life, his business life, in his music life and now go to his constituency and see the answers written everywhere.

He capacity to win useful allies is evidence by the worldwide reaction to his treatment and Mwenda knows all this.

This intellectual dishonesty must never be allowed to find space especially during this critical moment of liberation. The Andrew mwenda lecture can wait

Lastly I see propagandist wanting to associate People Power with violence, they want us to go there but we shall not be associate or be diverted to or by violence.

*For God and my country*

PeoplePower @ Our Power….